Update May 09, 2016: Sorry to have to confirm this so suddenly, but we are ceasing trade after all. All pending orders will be sent out.

The continuation of this site depended on an extra batch arriving and the hope that we could fight the dreaded new legislation via the loopholes. However we expect importation problems and a 'guilty till proven innocent' scenario if we were to carry on, and even if we won it wouldn't be without stress and anguish. For that reason we have cancelled the next batch and can no longer supply the demand.

If this was a fight based entirely on logic and reason we would consider fighting to continue. However the UK (especially England) tends to run on knee-jerk emotional reactions, and panders to the mentality of Daily Mail and Daily Express readers with their ill informed concerns.

A big thank you goes out to the customers we have served over the years, and may the day come when we're living in more enlightened times than we are now.